Our projects

Zodomus - Channel manager API for developers

channel manager API

Flexnoma - Vacation rental software for agencies

Flexnoma, Vacation rental software for agencies

flexnoma Vacation rental software for agencies

CRTVet - Cow reproduction tool

CRTVet, Cow reproduction software

crtvet cow reproduction tool

Flextempus - School activities software

Flextempus, software for parent associations and school activities

flextempus School activities software

Flexcensus - Software for online surveys

Flexcensus, Software for online surveys

flextempus Software for online surveys

Flexsana - Long term care software

Flexsana, medical EHR for long term care, still in Beta


ServicePreventionChubb - Health and security assessments

ServicePreventionChubb, health and security assessments portal, developed for Allcare / Chubb to France.


MyVision - Diabetic Retinopathy

Myvision, software for diabetic retinopahty analisys, developed for Allcare to France

Software myvision

Flexcura - Software for preventive medicine

Flexcura, software clinics related with preventive medicine, developed for the United Arab Emirates and now sold by Softinmotion

Software flexcura

Flexdomus - Internet based condominium software

Flexdomus, internet based condominium software (SAAS).

Software SAAS

Wisergo - A travel reservation portal

Wisergo, a travel reservation site for a International client, made with custom software development.

custom software

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